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Venomous jellyfish stings and sea creatures will bite or sting millions of people causing extreme pain and irritation. But thankfully there is relief with Sting Zapper!

It is an amazing jellyfish sting treatment… you can feel the cooling difference the moment it contacts your skin! The unique Sting Zapper! Medicated Gel starts to work immediately to neutralize the stinging venom, relieve the pain, discomfort and itchiness from stings associated with Jelly Fish and other aquatic creatures.


How it Works:


Sting Zapper actually neutralizes the venom with its powerful enzyme “anti-venom” technology, which in turn reduces or stops the body’s allergic reactions.  You feel immediate relief with reduced swelling and inflammation.


  • Powerful medication utilizes our proprietary Numatazyme technology that actually neutralizes the pain causing venom – on contact!
  • Micro-bead-let in gel base to re-open bites / wounds to allow medication to penetrate deep inside.
  • Instant pain relief – cools & moisturizers to soothe the skin
  • Aloe Vera Gel, herbal cleanser, cleans and heals.
  • Tea Tree Oil, natural antiseptic kills bacteria.
  • Menthol and Camphor, reduces swelling, kills pain.


The technology that makes Sting Zapper first aid gel so effective and distinguishes it from other first aid products is two-fold:


 1) a proprietary enzyme formulation technology called “Numatazyme” designed to neutralize the venom of various types of insect and sea creature bites and stings and retain its potency for years;


2) a method of delivering, deep into the wound, these venom-neutralizing enzymes and other ingredients



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