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 Trip Check List 

Paperwork & Important Documents

**Please Note** If you are traveling with a child under 18 years old, speacial travel documents may be required. Please call your airline to verify any special requirements or you will not be allowed to board the plane.

Passport that is NOT expired! - Check specific destination requirements, usually best if not to expire in the next 6 months
Airline Tickets
Hotel & Dive Vouchers
Cash/Travelers Checks - Be Sure To Take Enough To Tip The Boat Crew.  Good idea to keep most in travelers checks.
Certification Cards - Don't Forget Your Nitrox Card If You To Dive Nitrox!  Could also make copies and keep them in a seperate area.
Log Book

Basic Equipment
Buoyancy Compensator
Regulator - 
If you need your annual service, Please allow us at least 1 week!  Also remember to take your regulator as a carry on in your regulator bag.
Regulator Bag - Keep your regulator, computer, and camera if possible in the regulator bag and carry on board.
Diving Computer - Be sure you have checked the battery.  Carry on board.
Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots!
Dive Skin/ Polartec/ Wet Suit/ Hood

Mesh Gear Bag
Knife - Dive Tool
Dive Watch
(2) Underwater Light & Back up Batteries and Light Bulbs - Travel with the batteries out of the lights.
Locks For Gear Bags - TSA Approved Locks
Gear Bag (Baggage Handler Resistant)!
Equipment Marking Pen - MARK YOUR GEAR!

Dive Savers
Defog BC Whistle Emergency Signal Mirror
Dry Ear
Octopus Retainer
Dive Alert
Wet Suit Shampoo
Gauge Retainer
Dive Reel
Underwater Slate & Pencil
Brass Clips
First Aid Kit
Signal Tube/Safety Sausage
Weight Belt-No Weights

Life Savers
Beach Towel
Insect Repellant (Cactus Juice!)
Prescription Medication - Carry with you on the plane, do not pack in your luggage.
T-Shirt/Wind Breaker

Starburst Candy Or Jolly Ranchers
Over the counter Meds- Antacids, Pain Reliver, Pepto
Fold Up Umbrella
Sweat Shirt Or Jacket

Photo Fun
Camera & Case Film, Film, & More Film Or A Digital Camera & Batteries- More Than You Think You Will Need
Media Card

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