The Locking Gripper Retractor

  • Locking Gripper Retractor

Product Description

The Locking Gripper is the ultimate retractor that I use with my air integrated computers and more professional camera systems.  The Locking Gripper retractor has the extra strength to support these items in strong currents and more adventurous diving situations.  The fact that it locks is one of the most important features, when the retractor is in the locked position it prevents my camera system from becoming entangled between my knees. This retractor features exceptional retracting reliability and has unique design advantages, such as a non slip Gripper case design, shock resistant rubber over mold, multi color case designs and a 36inch cord length.  It also has the additional feature of a locking slide switch to secure the retractable cord in any position you want. 


Great for underwater photographers. It also has a brass clip to ensure you dont lose that valuable camera by accidentally unhooking it.

Variety of colors. Picture may vary from actual item. 

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