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Become a Nitrox Diver for Only $120!

Have you dreamed of having longer no-decompression limits to take pictures or explore a wreck? 


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Nitrox is the key. Due to the increased Oxygen percentage in Nitrox gas mixtures, your chances of getting decompression sickness are less.  The benefit to Nitrox is that you are taking in less nitrogen.  While nitrogen is not used by our bodies, it is still compressed into our tissues as we dive.  A person diving on Nitrox for the same amount of time as  a person diving air will always have less nitrogen in their system.  Conversely, if a person diving Nitrox is diving with a person diving air, the person with Nitrox will also have a longer No-Decompression Limit, due again to the decrease in Nitrogen.  These are two amazing reasons to try Nitrox.  

In your ENRICHED AIR NITROX program you will learn all the necessary rules for planning dives with Nitrox and using Nitrox in a safe way. An important key point in the entire program is analyzing your own tank prior to any Nitrox dive. 

We are here to answer any of your questions.  Call us to create a date for your Nitrox class.  We are available to give you a Nitrox class even if you are the only person.  

Dallas Cowboy recommends NITROX for diving...  
“My wife Janis and I recently returned from Cozumel, where we dove with Nitrox for the first time since our certification. We used Nitrox for our second dives, which were the shallow ones. We were both surprised how good we felt when we returned to our room after a day of diving. We weren’t nearly as tired as normal. I used the camera on the second dives and seemed to recover faster after chasing a fish for that “perfect” picture.

I recommend Nitrox for all those dives where there is no chance of exceeding the recommended depth of the mix you are using.”

Ralph Neely, Dallas Cowboy


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