Oceanways Prescription Explorer 2 Mask

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Product Description

     If you currently use any type of corrective lenses and/or would rather not use contacts while diving or snorkeling then we would highly recommend purchasing the Prescription Explorer 2 Mask. Many will tell you that it makes a huge difference in their underwater experiences as well as helps with convenience.


The optical lens strength available range from +3.0 to -7.5 with strengths in between incrimenting by 0.5. If your prescription does not exactly match the lenses available, it is much better to go with a lower power lens than a higher power lens.



If you have already purchased the Oceanways Explorer 2 Mask then the individual prescription lenses are available. If interested in bifocal lenses please contact CrazyScuba directly at 972-422-9400 or email us at CrazyScuba@aol.com.  



Please note:


CrazyScuba.com is not responsible for any damage or leakage of prescription lenses if they are not installed by CrazyScuba.com. All masks with prescription lenses professionally installed by CrazyScuba.com have been tested for a water tight seal.

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