Henderson Lycra Hot Skin Wetsuit

  • Henderson Hot Skin Black
  • Henderson Hot Skin Blue
  • Henderson Hot Skin Pink
  • Henderson Hot Skin Yellow

Product Description

The Henderson Lycra Hot Skin Wetsuit (often referred to as a dive skin) is extremely popular for both Snorkelers and Scuba divers.  The Lycra Hot Skin wetsuit by Henderson provides protection from the sun, SPF50, preventing the world-famous snorkelers (backside) sunburn.  Most eight-hour waterproof sun blocks last less than 30 minutes when snorkeling in the ocean. Thats why sunburn becomes a major problem for adults and especially for children who wear off their sun block very quickly.  For Junior sizing use Adult Extra small or Small.


The Lycra Hot Skin Wetsuit also keeps Portuguese man-of-war, jellyfish, fire coral and other stinging hydroids from stinging the snorkeler or Scuba Diver.  The Henderson Lycra Hot Skin makes suiting up in a thicker wetsuit much easier. It is lightweight and dries fast. Easy to put on and take-off too!  Made with a front zipper and overlocking seams


Hot Skin Sizes are Unisex so adjust accordingly to the Men's size chart.


Henderson Size Chart




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