Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 Biodegradable Sunscreen

  • Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 Sol Guard

Product Description

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Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 Biodegradable Sunscreen is a non-toxic, blend of natural skin conditioning ingredients and natural sunscreens. The natural ingredients, including Cucumber/Melon extracts;Organic Aloe Vera and Kukui Pod oil assist the skin's ability to hydrate and cool itself. Added, are plant extracts with natural photoreceptors that screen and block all UV rays, Wild Pansy; Hibiscus and Green Coffee. The natural minerals, Titanium Dioxide AND transparent Zinc Oxide afford the skin the true BROAD SPECTRUM PROTECTION from both the UVB AND UVA rays. Sol Guard SPF 25 gives you maximum protection.   This product will not come off in the water, and therefore, divers, snorkelers and water enthusiats will have positive results from its use. Caribbean Solutions has made a great product, It works great and protects our planet and ocean's at the same time.
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