Wetsuit Styles

Full Jumpsuits

Our best-selling and most popular style of wetsuit has the distinct advantage of "donability". The Full Jumpsuit has the back entry zipper (zipper in the back), which allows the diver to don and doff (put on and take off) the wetsuit with much greater ease. The back entry zipper allows the diver to don or doff the suit by simply pulling the suit up waist high and putting your arms through the armholes (because the suit is in front of you, this is much easier to do than trying to reach behind you jacket style to pull sleeves up…which usually requires the help of another diver). The biggest advantage to the Back Zip Full Jumpsuit is that at the end of a snorkel/scuba dive the diver can doff (take off) the suit by herself/himself with no help from other divers.

Shorty wetsuits

This is our most popular snorkeling wetsuit for the snorkeler/diver who's headed off on a Caribbean cruise or doing summertime dives in the Caribbean. The Shorty provides excellent sun protection, (it keeps you from having to “goo up” with waterproof sun-block that doesn't last more than 30 minutes in the ocean anyway) just the right amount of buoyancy (helps kids and people who are not comfortable swimmer's stay afloat) and provides thermal qualities that are just right for the Caribbean.

Core Warmer

The Core Warmer is basically a "sleeveless shorty". It is great for use by itself while snorkeling or scuba diving in warmer waters, or as an additional layer when snorkeling or scuba diving in colder waters. It's great for layering over a dive skin, Tri-lam or full wetsuit. The fact that it is a sleeveless wetsuit allows for greater arm mobility and a less constrictive feel when used for layering. It is very easy to don and doff as well.

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