Wetsuit Materials

Henderson Premium Neoprene

This is a high-quality neoprene material that meets Henderson's high standards. Suits made from this material will provide a comfortable fit, excellent thermal protection and maximum durability, while maintaining a price tag that is attractive to budget minded divers.

Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch Wetsuits

The Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch Suit is possibly the most comfortable wetsuit in the world. This revolutionary new 4-way neoprene can be stretched up to 250% of its original size. This provides huge advantages over a wetsuit made from standard neoprene. The Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch suit will provide a "custom like" fit on multiple body types wearing the same size suit, this is a huge advantage for those of us that don't have tailor made body styles. The fact that Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch wetsuit's are so DONABLE (don-a-ble) adj. donability, donning-(it means flexible, stretchy and unbelievably easy to put on) making it the ideal wetsuit for any diver.

Henderson's Titanium Hyperstretch wetsuits are designed especially for:
divers who are tired of battling hard to put on wetsuit's
divers who don't have the arm or hand strength to pull on a snug fitting wetsuit
divers with larger calves, legs or hips
divers that the "average" wetsuit does not fit properly
divers who add/lose weight during the dive season
fast growing kids
rental lines where all different sizes and shapes of divers utilize the same size wetsuit

This "donability" of the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch provides a great benefit for all scuba divers by allowing a great fit even if the diver gains/loses 15-20 pounds during this dive season or next. This brings us to the fast-growing kids of the dive world (keep in mind I have kids ages 6, 12 and 13) the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch suits allow my kids to get several years of out use of the same suit (they cost a little more but my kids don't outgrow them in six months time). Michael's been in the same wetsuit for three years now because of its 250% flexibility and "donability". This "donability" also makes the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch suit the ultimate for layering, which is the ability to be worn over other suits for additional warmth as diving conditions get cooler. If you’re "cool natured" (i.e. wear a sweatshirt to the movie theater in the summertime) then the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch suit needs to be one of your six components of your "Layering System". The "Layering System" starts with your base garment that you wear on every dive. You should wear the Henderson Tri-Lam suit for general sun and skin protection. As you get cooler during your dives, you begin layering with the 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch Full Jumpsuit, followed by the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch Core Warmer. After the Core Warmer, you can add a Henderson hood or cap made of either the Tri-Lam or Hyperstretch materials, followed by a pair of Henderson Tropic or Hyperstretch gloves. Your Henderson dive boots complete the protection you need for all diving and snorkeling conditions. These components can be added in any combination to make the diver comfortable under almost every diving condition, and is the ultimate Layering System for scuba diving or snorkeling.

The "Titanium" of the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch suit provides incredible warmth by reflecting the diver's body heat back to the diver, making this one of the warmest wetsuits the diver can wear.

"Aqua Suede"

Is the newest addition to the Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch line. Aqua Suede is a "suede like" surface that is bonded to the Titanium Hyperstretch. Aqua Suede is hydrophobic (so it will shed water fast and it will dry almost instantly). It is also extremely resistant to pilling and it is abrasion resistant, making it a tough, durable suit that is also "Donable" and comfortable to wear. Aqua Suede offers the tactile sensation of soft supple suede with the comfort and performance properties you have come to expect from Henderson's Titanium Hyperstretch. Aqua Suede is placed only on the chest and back and is not throughout the entire suit. Another huge advantage of Aqua Suede is its complete resistance to Velcro (so those of you who lost a good-looking suit to the Velcro closures on your BC can finally rejoice in Velcro proof Aqua Suede).

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