Texas Dive Sites

Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX

You have to do the really cool Scientific Diver Certification to dive here, but once you get your certification you get to dive in crystal clear water with endangered species! You can garden underwater to help preserve the habitat of all these cool critters and take part in research projects as you take more certifications at the center. They have Underwater Archeology & Underwater Naturalist classes too! 

Athens Scuba Park in Athens, TX

Athens Scuba Park has lots of sunken "features" like cars, boats, airplanes, buses, etc. so you have something to explore as there isn't any fish life in this quarry. (Max depth according to some people is 25-feet). They even have the "Party Barge" from the movie The Dirty Dozen!  Bathroom facilities with hot water showers and good gear rinsing facilities are available.  Camping around the park is very common but some people like to stay in local hotels if they can't get used to the trains that come through at night.

Balmorhea State Park in Balmorhea, TX (out near Marfa and Ft. Davis, TX)

Artesian spring fed area with 25-foot max depth & 72 to 76 degree water year round. Crystal clear water, hot showers in the bathroom facilities, hotel or camping facilities in a State Park. This is one of my favorite places for a night dive. The water is so crystal clear you can float close to the bottom (don't want to crush any little critters by lying on the bottom do you!) and see the stars!  Lots of fish, turtles, crawdads, etc. Go to their web site to learn about the Cienega and surrounding area.  Incredible Observatory in the Davis Mountains if you get a chance to go to their Saturday night star show...don't forget, you're considered High Altitude diving so don't go to the show after diving! 

Clear Springs Scuba Park in Terrell, TX

22 acre spring-fed lake with lots of fish, turtles and hydrilla to scuba dive in. Underwater features include platforms for dive classes, an American Airlines plane simulator, Sisco the Shark & a dive boat.  Max depth in a hole they dug out for Advanced class is reportedly 63 feet. Camping is available in the park with rest rooms, hot showers and RV hook ups with water and electric.

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Gulf of Mexico

Picture yourself over 100 miles from land, in the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico. At times, the seas can be very unforgiving, the weather can turn foul in an instant. But here, in the midst of this unpredictable gulf, lie three of the most beautiful and wild places in all the world. Manta rays, whale sharks, coral heads bigger than cars, hundreds of species of fish and invertebrates...this place teems with life!! Considered an intermediate to advanced dive location.

Mansfield Dam Park in Austin, TX

This is one of our favorite places to camp and dive when at Lake Travis. Here is an excerpt from their website: As its name suggests, Mansfield Dam Park is located adjacent to Mansfield Dam on the main body of Lake Travis and serves as one of the primary access points for boaters.Open on May 20, 2000 this newly renovated recreational area boasts a wide array of amenities for the public. Planners of Mansfield Dam park have skillfully created a park which accommodates many groups, including scuba divers, swimmers, boaters, picnickers, and nature enthusiasts. Diving is almost as easy as stepping right from your car door into the lake. We have provided dive stairs, a wheelchair-accessible ramp, and a courtesy dive lift to ease the trek from hillside to lakeside. Underwater amusement has been enhanced by the addition of four underwater dive platforms at various lake levels. Also, an underwater trail and compass course will be laid out to connect dive attractions such as sunken boats, historic dam construction materials, and geological points of interest. Tucked away from the rest of the park, our dive camping area will open soon, giving scuba enthusiasts six camping pods (each accommodating up to 30 individuals) with covered picnic shelters, restrooms, showers, separate dive stairs, and nearby parking. Camping in this area is by reservation only. 

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