Proper Mask Fit


Wondering how to fit a mask to your face? 

The most important thing is to get a good quality mask made of 100% injection-molded surgical-grade Silicone.  Many masks say they are made of "Silicone" but they only have a small percentage of Silicone in the material, or it is a low quality.  These masks will not fit properly, or will stiffen rapidly over time. The mask can become very uncomfortable once you are in the water due to the water pressure pushing the mask against your face and the tightness of the strap, along with the simple fact that you're not used to having something pressed against your face for extended periods of time. 

Make sure you choose a mask with the best material possible, afterall, snorkeling and Scuba Diving are very visual sports!

Here's how the mask should fit on your face:

1. A proper fitting mask should be as close to your eyes as it can be without the inner seal touching the part of your eye that winks and blinks.

2. It should be worn as loose as possible (snuggly loose). The mask strap should not be too tight; it can cause leaks and be uncomfortable if the strap is too tight.

3. When you put the mask up to your face without the strap and gently sniff in through your nose it should form a vacuum on your face and stay in place as long as you are inhaling without leaking air in around the seals. 

4. The lower the volume (smaller the mask) the better the fit and the easer it is to clear during a dive or snorkel. 

If you have questions call us toll free 1-866-696-6090 and we can help you choose the correct mask.

**A note about moustache's and masks:
Some people have the mis-perception that you can use a Silicone Grease or other petroleum jelly to help stop a mask from leaking when you have a moustache or facial hair that prevents a good seal. Using Silicone Grease will break down the mask rapidly. The best method is to get the best-fitting mask possible. Our Oceanways Explorer 2 mask works well with moustache's when the moustache is trimmed about 1/8" away from the nose.

If you have questions call us toll free 1-866-696-6090 and we can help you choose the correct mask.

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