How Thick Should My Wetsuit Be?

Your Comfort level can make your water adventure an enjoyable experience, or a miserable one. Your enjoyment will decrease dramatically when you are too cold in the water. Choosing the right wetsuit helps make your vacation fun and can add hours to your adventure!

The 3 mm suit is perfect for just knocking the chill off in the Caribbean.

The 5 mm suit is perfect for the diver who is cool natured (i.e. wears a sweatshirt to the movie theater in the summertime) or is heading to cooler water such as Hawaii during the winter.

The 7/5 mm suit is perfect for those California dives or those cooler dives in early springtime.

If you are cool natured, use the "Layering System" to take full advantage of any diving situation. Simply layer one suit on top of the other to increase warmth. An example would be layering your summertime lake shorty wetsuit with your caribbean 3mm full length wetsuit for a combined core thickness of 5mm which would be great for Hawaii or the Bahamas.

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