GoPro Magenta Filter 2.0 (Hero 3 and 3+)

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Product Description



The Magenta Filter offers amazing color correction in green water.  With an effective range of 10-75 feet, the Magenta Filter corrects the overly green saturation in your video, and brings back the natural colors.  With an easy snap on/off installation design, this filter makes it simple to bring great color back into your video.  Use the Magenta Filter to capture the true color of fish, reefs, and other aquatic life.  With the simplicity of our design and sophistication of our custom lens, this filter is sure to help you capture beautiful aquatic life in your videos that will last a lifetime.



-New treated lens 10x stronger

-Iridium acrylic provides precise color correction

-Newly designed frame for added grip and durability

-Easy on/off with patents design

-Green water color correction 

-Working depth of 12 to 75 feet

-Storage bag & tether included



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